ADA Code of Ethics

ADA Code of Ethics

Happy Birthday ADA Code of Ethics. You look great for your age!

ADA principles of ethics

For over 150 years, American Dental Association and Indiana Dental Association members have been the leading advocates for oral health in the country and the state. Indiana member dentists have made a “patient first promise” when they joined the association and the public can trust that an ADA/IDA member is following the ADA Code of Ethics and Principles of the Profession.

IDA Dentists know and promise:

  • Patient Autonomy – A respect for patients’ wants and needs; right to a say in their treatment and privacy.
  • Non- maleficence – Do No Harm to patients; a duty to keep you safe and healthy; keep up to date on knowledge and skills; referring when appropriate.
  • Beneficence – Do Good; providing high quality, timely treatment while considering patients wants and values.
  • Justice – Be Fair; do not discriminate providing dental care without promises.
  • Veracity – Truthful; honest communication is part of a great doctor patient relationship.


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