IDA Step by Step License Renewal Guide

IDA Step by Step License Renewal Guide

All Indiana dentists and hygienists must renew their licenses by March 1, 2022. The State of Indiana is encouraging all professionals to renew their licenses online instead of paper, and the online process has migrated to the Access Indiana system. In response to numerous inquiries from IDA members on the new Access Indiana process, the IDA has created this step by step guide on how to renew your license.

Before beginning this process, make sure you have the following:

  • Two of the following: Social Security number, birth date, Indiana dental license number, or registration code.
  • Documents required to explain positive response questions such as DUIs, insurance fraud, etc.
  • Access Indiana Login: If you do not have one, follow the beginning steps below to create one.

To begin your renewal, visit the Indiana Licensing Enterprise website.

  • If you already have an Access Indiana account, click the blue Login to Personal Licensing with Access Indiana button.
  • Login in with your credentials, then go to Step 4.

  • If you don’t have an Access Indiana account, click Don’t have an Access Indiana account?
  • Enter the email address you would like to use
  • Press Send Verification Code
  • Go to your email and find the verification code that was sent

  • Enter the verification code and click continue.
  • Create a password and click continue.
  • Enter your first name, last name, and phone number
  • Click create account
  • Two-Step Verification: We recommend selecting either No, thanks or Yes, using my phone number. Click continue.
  • Recovery email: Enter your email, then click continue.

You must now search for your record to link your existing license with your Access Indiana account:

  • Enter ONLY TWO: license number, Social Security number, birth date, or registration code.
  • Click search
  • Connect/link your Access Indiana to your Existing Person Record
  • Complete the Dentistry Board Questions. Obviously questions about drugs, insurance fraud, CE requirements, etc. are required. There are others that may be optional, so it is up to you if you want to enter that information.
  • Upload any documents required or positive response questions: DUI, fraud, etc.
  • Review your responses
  • Click pay fee button
  • Print your receipt

If you wish to print your license, the cost is $2.04. Visit the PLA’s Search Verify and Print website to obtain a printable copy of your license.

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