MATE Act Information for Dentists

MATE Act Information for Dentists

In December, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency issued information about the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act, which was part of the Omnibus Bill at the end of December 2022. As part of the MATE Act, the DEA is now requiring any medical practitioner with a DEA Registration to complete 8 hours of one-time training in opioid abuse and prevention before the next renewal. This new requirement is in effect as of June 27, 2023.

If you currently hold a DEA Registration, you should have already received an email with MATE Act details from the DEA. Click here to view ADA FAQs about the MATE Act. However, we are providing specific information about IDA opioid CE and Indiana requirements below.

When do I have to complete the 8 hours of CE?
You must have completed the 8 hours at your next DEA Registration renewal if the renewal takes place after June 27, 2023.

Can I use part of the 8 hours of CE to also fulfill my Indiana requirement?
Yes. Indiana still requires dentists who hold a CSR to complete 2 hours of opioid abuse and prevention CE each licensure cycle. The next Indiana dental license renewal date is March 1, 2024.

Can I use previous opioid CE to fulfill the MATE Act requirements?
UPDATED May 23, 2023: Yes. Past trainings can count towards a practitioner’s 8-hour requirement, provided that eligible training was from one of the designated training organizations prior to the enactment of this new requirement on December 29, 2022. A certificate of completion is required as proof. There is no statute of limitations on past training being used to satisfy the requirement, except for relevant training in dental school. Dental school training may only be used by those who are less than five years out of dental school. See current and previous IDA opioid courses below.

Will I have to complete the 8 hours of opioid CE each time I renew my CSR?
No. The DEA has stated that this is a one-time requirement.

Can I use dental school coursework fulfill the MATE Act requirements?
If you graduated from dental school less than five years ago, the ADA has clarified that relevant dental school coursework will count toward the federally required opioid.

How can I check on my past opioid CE through the IDA?
See instructions below.

Does any of this information apply to me if I don’t have a DEA Registration or CSR?

IDA Opioid CE Courses 2019-2023

The IDA has offered numerous online and self-study options for opioid abuse and prevention CE in recent years:


If you have taken advantage of the IDA opioid CE courses listed above but can’t find a record of your study, below are instructions on how to access certificates.

  • On-Demand Webinars: If you participated in our on-demand opioid webinars, you should have received email confirmation of your participation. If you cannot find this confirmation, email Heather Smith.
  • Self-Study Publications 2019-2023 with paper quiz: If you read the 2019, 2021 or 2023 opioid publications and opted to complete a paper quiz, email Kathy Walden.
  • Self-Study Publications 2019-2023 with online quiz: If you read the 2019, 2021 or 2023 opioid publications and took the online quiz, you can access a copy of your certificate by logging in to our website. See instructions below.


IDA Login and Certificate Instructions
  • Click the LOGIN link on the top right of this website.
  • After logging in, you will be directed to the WELCOME page. Click the My Certificates link.
  • The My Certificates page will display all quizzes and courses you have successfully completed on our website. Each listing links to a certificate with your name and the date of completion. You can either print the certificates directly from our website or download them to your computer.



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