Building the future of our profession … together!

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Building the future of our profession … together!

[su_quote]”My favorite member benefit: I have a virtually unlimited dental knowledge base through colleagues!” Dr. Mark Mihalo, Northwest Indiana Dental Society[/su_quote]Most members say they are likely to refer membership to their colleagues. As an active member, you know first-hand the value your membership provides. Member-Get-A-Member is the ideal opportunity to share your success by encouraging your nonmember colleagues to join ADA/IDA.


You will be rewarded with a $100 gift card for each new, active member you recruit (up to five members or $500 in gift cards!) Or you may decline the incentive and ADA will contribute $100 to the ADA Foundation. Any ADA member dentist is eligible to participate. More details available at the ADA website>>>

Just tell the dentists you recruit to include your name on their applications. Then visit the recruiter’s form to tell us who you recruited by entering your name and ADA number, and the name of the potential member.

Recruitment Tips

  • Tell the story about why you’re a member. The ADA and your state and local dental societies provides lots of value to you. Why did you join?
  • Provide examples. A positive testimonial can be one of the strongest tools when recruiting new members.
  • Focus on their needs. Ask questions about their career goals, and based on their answers, identify and highlight the benefits of greatest value. This makes the conversation feel more like colleagues sharing solutions, and less like a sales pitch.
  • Close with a plan of action. Offer to email them instructions for joining online or give them a hard-copy membership application. Be sure they have your name so they can include it on the application!
  • Follow up. Touch base in a few weeks to see if they joined or have any questions. If they haven’t joined, this follow-up can serve as a gentle reminder. And if they have, it’s a nice opportunity to welcome them to the ADA.
  • Take the time to say thanks. Send them a short message thanking them for considering ADA membership and supporting dentistry. You might consider inviting them to an upcoming component meeting, charity care event or other gathering.

Campaign Materials

A growing ADA means greater recognition for the dental profession, more resources and support for members, and a louder voice in Washington and in state capitols across the country.


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