Signatures Needed From IU Alumni

Signatures Needed From IU Alumni

IDA Vice President Dr. Steve Hollar has announced his candidacy for the Indiana University Board of Trustees. Dr. Hollar needs a minimum number of 200 signatures within the next three weeks to appear on the ballot in June, and we’re asking IDA members to help support Dr. Hollar’s candidacy.

Having a dentist as part of the Board of Trustees would be invaluable to advocating for the education of future dentists and hygienists at the IU School of Dentistry. Please see below for more information and instructions on how to add your signature in support of Dr. Hollar’s candidacy.

Electronic Signatures Accepted

Because of the ongoing COVID outbreak, Governor Holcomb is allowing candidates to collect both original and electronic signatures. The mechanism for obtaining electronic signatures is Adobe Sign.

Who Can Sign?

Anyone who graduated from an Indiana University campus or school is eligible to add a signature in support of a candidate for the election in June. Feel free to forward this link to friends, family and staff members who are IU graduates. Signatures must be submitted by April 1.

Adobe Sign Instructions

To add your signature electronically, visit the Adobe Sign page. The instructions below will help you complete the process correctly.

  1. List Dr. Hollar’s name in the Candidate’s Name section: Dr. Hollar’s first name, Steven, goes on the left line. His last name goes on the right line.
  2. Add your information to the next section: Enter your personal information in the next section. Be sure to write your name as it is listed on your diploma(s). If you have multiple degrees from Indiana University under different names, list the name from your most recently earned degree.
  3. Click on the bottom to sign: At the bottom of the screen, click the blue ‘Click to Sign’ button and sign your name electronically.
  4. Enter your email: Enter your email address when prompted. Be sure to enter a correct address, because your signature will not be counted until you complete step 5 below.
  5. Confirm your vote: Immediately look for an email from Adobe Sign asking to verify that you voted for Dr. Hollar. You must click link to have your vote count.
  6. Vote in June: This signature drive for Dr. Hollar simply allows him to appear on the ballot. The actual Board of Trustees election will occur in June. Watch your email in June for instructions on how to vote in the election.

Click here to access the Adobe Sign page. Thank you for your support.


About Dr. Hollar

Dr. Steven C. Hollar earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1993. He has lived in Warsaw, Indiana for the past 28 years where he is the owner and operator of Hollar Dental Group.

Dr. Hollar is currently the Chair of the Dental COVID Task force and President-Elect of the Indiana Dental Association. Prior to this role, he was appointed by governors Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence to the Indiana State Dental Board. He served for nine years and was chair of the regulatory board for two years.

Dr. Hollar has served organized dentistry his entire career. He has been a Delegate for the American Dental Association as well as the Indiana Dental Association yearly since 2002. He is the Chair of the IDA’s Strategic Planning Committee.

The past two years he was honored to serve on the Indiana University Presidential Search Advisory committee at the request of the board of Trustees. He feels Indiana University’s next President should be someone who is inclusive, diverse and can listen to others while leading with conviction. As a proud life member of the Indiana University Alumni Association, Dr. Hollar is passionate about preserving Indiana University’s heritage for future generations. He is ready to work alongside the new President as a Trustee in order to maintain the prestige while propelling I.U. to new heights.

Dr. Michael Mirro, current Chair Indiana University Board of Trustees, said this about Dr. Hollar: “Steve’s proven leadership operating a business, effective management of a large team and strong science background would make him an excellent Trustee choice.” Dr. Hollar brings a unique perspective as both a front-line healthcare worker as well as a business owner. He is passionate about using his skills and prior leadership experience to serve I.U.




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