Solmetex Amalgam Separator Receives IDEA Endorsement

Solmetex Amalgam Separator Receives IDEA Endorsement

Dr. Thomas Murrayby Dr. Thomas M. Murray, IDEA Chair


After four years of research, IDEA chooses SOLMETEX as endorsed amalgam separator provider.

Solmetex Amalgam Separator NXT HG5Indiana Dental Enterprise Associates (IDEA) has been tracking and researching amalgam separators and the proposed federal regulations for the better part of four years. One minute, federal regulations were a definite; the next minute, not so definite. Now that this regulation has been finalized, IDEA is prepared to endorse a quality, easily installed, and easily maintained product—the Hg5 by Solmetex. This decision was based on the IDEA Board’s four years of thoroughly evaluating various amalgam separators on the market.

The decision of which amalgam separator to endorse was based on the many features specified in the federal regulations. First and foremost in these considerations was efficiency of the separator. There has been a wide assortment of amalgam separators on the market which met the ISO standards of 99% efficiency. After narrowing those down, IDEA Board members moved on to the other required features as well as the features that would most benefit IDA member dentists. Among these considerations were:

  • Ability to directly view the “trap” in which the filter is housed
  • Ease and cost of installation
  • Ease in disposal of wastes
  • Frequency of disposal
  • Cost of the amalgam separator
  • Cost of disposal of wastes
  • Ease of maintenance of the separator
  • Safety in handling
  • Tracking records

After sifting through multiple potential vendors and reviewing their products, IDEA’s decision of which product to endorse was obvious. The Solmetex Amalgam Separator addresses all of the Federal regulations and provides the highest level of benefits for IDA dentists.

Solmetex NXT Hg5 1 Amalgam bucketFREE Collection Container & Recycle Kit

Regulations are always a tough pill to swallow but, the good news for you is IDEA has already done the research for you. And if you act early, you can get a free NXT Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit with your purchase of a Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator. This is a retail value of $338. Check out the Solmetex website for more details.

For more information regarding Solmetex, or to take advantage of this  limited time offer, visit the Solmetex website.


What is IDEA?

How much time do you spend in researching a product before you buy? Depending on the complexity of the product, it could be as little as several hours to several months. That’s where IDEA can help. IDEA Board is composed of IDA members who possess a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in scrutinizing products and services you might need in your practice. Before a product receives the IDEA “thumbs up”, it is presented to the IDEA Board for thorough review. The Board studies the viability of the product, verifies the dependability of the vendor and reviews acceptance in other states as well as with the ADA. They then negotiate the best rates for the product or service. It is then and only then that IDEA takes a vote to endorse a given product or service. Next time you’re in need of a product or service for your practice or home, save yourself the time and energy by considering an IDEA endorsed product. Visit


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